Dream pop

Twin Sister at Lincoln Hall

Concert Review + Photography: Wild Beasts at Lincoln Hall (Chicago)


Indie aficionados flocked into Lincoln Hall Saturday night for several hours of swirling, arching dream pop brought by a transatlantic exchange of Twin Sister from our parts, and Wild Beasts from the United Kingdom. Both acts are on Domino Records, the established label on the same plateau as Merge and Sub Pop, and share a similar mesmerizing quality to their music, yet with different approaches.

Review: Love Inks – E.S.P. (2011)


Now that’s just my case and those of millions of others who migrated from the unbearably tolerated winters of the Midwest to likely locales such as Florida or Arizona. Sherry Leblanc did just that in leaving Chicagoland for Austin, Texas. I learned you still hold that connection to the Midwest…