Concert Reviews

Concert Review: David Wax Museum at the 9:30 Club (Washington, D.C.)


Over the past few years, the Boston-based David Wax Museum has made a name for itself and its Mexo-Americana music in Washington. Bouncing from living room to living room, the group has played more than 20 shows in the District in venues provided by their fans.

Though the 9:30 Club is a bit bigger than a standard D.C. living room, that didn’t prevent the band from maintaining the same level of intimacy in their performance. Even with the first song, Wax sang part of a verse at the edge of the stage, away from his microphone, immediately turning an audience that had been chatty during two opening acts into an attentive and engaged one.

Concert Review + Photography: 2nd 1st Annual Rock County Folk Symposium


The 2nd 1st Annual Rock County Folk Symposium marked the southern Wisconsin highlight of the Labor Day weekend. Basically while all the families and students escaped to the Dells, Door County or home, dozens upon dozens upon dozens made the trek through cornfields and woods to camp out along the Rock River. So many that this year was sold out, capping off earlier surprise announcements such as Julian Lynch DJing the day away and a headlining set from Group of the Altos.