Photos + Review: Motion City Soundtrack @ The Fillmore (Minneapolis, MN)

Motion City Soundtrack (Minneapolis, MN)

February 17th, 2020

The Fillmore in Minneapolis

The nerves were real leading up to this show. Probably more than it should, but this was one show that would perfectly display any and all growth I’ve had as a photographer.

I started photographing concerts in 2016 and Motion City Soundtrack were the first real big show I’d ever cover at the time. I went from shooting a few 50 person shows straight to a sold out, jam packed, Varsity Theater for one of the four farewell hometown shows Motion City Soundtrack were having that year. Fast forward to almost four years in the future, the band has got back together playing a whole tour, including three hometown shows at the newly built Fillmore venue. 

I’ve had four years time to improve upon my craft, and when I’ve looked back at those shots I got from Varsity, I can clearly tell that I’m so much better now. But even so, I found myself getting really stuck in my head and thoughts, worrying about not doing a good job. It was hard not to psych myself out at least a little bit when given an opportunity to go up against such a clear version of yourself from your past. 

I actually attended the first night of shows here last Friday. It was a good little pre-warm up for last night’s show that I officially shot. I got to scope out the new venue, got to experience the lights and see what I’d be working with, and got to listen to some great songs.

2020-me got more enjoyment out of these couple Motion City Soundtrack shows than 2016-me. 2016-me liked the band but didn’t really know much of their music outside of “LG FUAD”, “The Future Freaks Me Out”, and “Everything is Alright”. Present-me has a lot to thank for, for a certain special person who’s introduced me to so much more music, with an emphasis on Motion City Soundtrack because they’re her favorite band. I don’t really remember much about the 2016 show. I vaguely remember walking around the venue but don’t remember what songs were played, and definitely don’t remember shooting in the pit anymore.

Over the last year or so I’ve become more familiar with a good chunk of Motion City Soundtrack’s songs so the majority of the set I was able to enjoy more due to recognition. The band played great. They sounded fantastic; props to them and props to their sound guy for utilizing Fillmore wonderfully. Justin Pierre’s singing sounded absolutely fantastic. one of my biggest disappointments is how little of the album Go was played. “True Romace” was played which I enjoyed (that bridge is incredible), but I wish “Circuits and Wires” and “Give Up/Give In” were added in to the set list somewhere. “Disappear” was my favorite of the night but “When You’re Around” and “Even If It Kills Me” were highly enjoyable too. “Even If It Kills Me” is one of those songs that is elevated so much in a live setting and sounds so much better.

Even though I was quite nervous, and anxious, and worried (and any other similar adjectives you can fit in) about this show, I’m pretty happy with the photos I was able to get and would call it a success. Given enough time, I think I’m going to look back at this show and realize that a lot of my nerves were unnecessary (for lack of better word) and I’m going to remember mostly the good from it. Or at least I’m going to try. Even if it kills me.

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