Photos + Review: Angels & Airwaves at First Avenue (Minneapolis, MN)

Angels & Airwaves (San Diego, CA), The Social Animals (Duluth, MN)
December 12th, 2019
First Avenue in Minneapolis, MN

I don’t really have much to say about this show, so I’m gonna be keeping this short. Kinda.

Right of the bat, the biggest take away for me from this show is open-mindedness. Angels and Airwaves were a band that I remember writing off almost immediately, when the first music got released. You go from songs from Tom in Blink-182 like “What’s My Age Again?” and “All The Small Things” to something slow placed and serious like “Everything’s Magic,” and I was like nope, this is not what I wanted.

Fast forward to today where I had another one of those holy-crap-I’m-actually-right-here-in-front-of-this-person-right-now moment. As I’ve grown older I’ve found myself to be way more open to stuff I might no have liked and Angels and Airwaves is the newest example. Tom even made a good point about how when he started the band, he knew that not everybody was going to like it but he also knew that some people would actually get what he was trying to do, which was after all the crazy songs from Blink, he wanted to write about what people were feeling, deep down. That led in to “Everything’s Magic” with the lyrics finally hitting me and I was like hell yeah, lets add some positivity into the world.

Overall, I’m still not the hugest fan of the band, but the amount of respect and admiration has ballooned, since seeing them. Who knew we’d be getting deep with Tom Delonge?

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