Photos + Review: The Faim & Stand Atlantic at Amsterdam Bar and Hall (St. Paul, MN)

Stand Atlantic (Sydney, Australia), The Faim (Perth, Australia), WSTR (Perth)
October 7th, 2018
Amsterdam Bar and Hall in St. Paul, MN

While waiting for my Shinedown photos to be approved to post up my review of that show, we’ll move on to a much smaller, much pop punkier show!

Stand Atlantic and and The Faim, and WSTR were how I spent my first Monday of October, and came as quite the stark difference from the nights before. Going from huge arenas like Armory where Ghost played, and Mankato Civic Center where Shinedown played to a small venue with a smaller crowd like Amsterdam, made me realize how much fun it is to see a band play to such a crowd where you can tell everybody is there because they love the band, and everyone feels like they’re friends with each other, including the band. They just happen to be people that are on stage and playing music. And from Australia.

I’m always a sucker for some good pop punk. I grew up on the likes of Green Day, Fall Out Boy and the Offspring. I feel like the next generation of pop punk have been State Champs and Neck Deep, but after them is something still to be found. I fell in love with WSTR after hearing “Crisis,” and honestly were a big reason why I wanted to go to this show. But I was happy to find out how good both The Faim and Stand Atlantic were, though I think Stand Atlantic were more my style. With this being the fourth show for me in five days and going on barely any sleep, I felt like I couldn’t go on for the whole night, so I did decided to go how a bit early. I was planning on getting my shots and them heading straight to bed, but I ended up really enjoying their music enough to want to stay longer.  The Faim were also good, but a bit more slower paced on average, when I like my pop punk fast and well, punky. “Saints of the Sinners” is a banger though, and started their set perfectly.

I think with The Faim and Stand Atlantic, I have a couple new pop punk bands to keep an eye on. Maybe these guys will be part of the next big generation of pop punk? I definitely would like to see them again, hopefully on a night where I’m not ready to keel over from exhaustion.


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