Photos + Review: Periphery at Skyway Theatre (Minneapolis, MN)

Periphery (Washington, DC), Veil of Maya (Chicago, IL)
September 18th, 2019
Skyway Theatre in Minneapolis, MN


I wish I could have gotten these photos up earlier, but because of the site being down for a good chunk of time and being busy with other life stuff, i haven’t gotten the chance to up until this night.

Out of all the bands I listen to, I would rank Periphery tops on a list of bands that have surprisingly become a favorite of mine. I remember when they debut album came out and I wasn’t that impressed. Spencer Sotelo’s vocals left a lot to be desired, and the songs seemed like a jumbled mess to me at the time. Then for a good six years or so I had kind of forgotten about them completely. I say six years because that’s when Periphery III came out and that’s when they became one of my favorite bands.

2016 is also the year I started concert photography and shooting Periphery on their tour supporting their third album was a must for me. They were one of the first bands I ever got to shoot, probably in my first 10 shows, and I thought then that I knew what I was doing, but three years after, I’m pretty confident in saying that I didn’t really know. I think I do now, but who knows, maybe I’ll think the same about present-me after another three years.

This time around the band are touring in support of another new album, Periphery 4: Hail Stan. That came out in April and I still hold it as album of the year for me.

I wish I could convey properly how good of a show Periphery put on this night. Not only was it impressive in it’s own right, but compared to their show in 2016, the band have improved drastically. They opened with their 17 minute magnum opus “Reptile,” which is all us photographer were allowed to shoot in the pit for. But those were 17 minutes of constant goosebumps, and there were definite moments were I could have, maybe should have, been taking pictures but instead I was just standing and watching. Sometimes you gotta just stop what you’re doing and take everything all in to appreciate the exact moment that you’re in.

My main takeaway from this show is how this was just another example of how much Spencer has improved on vocals, certainly since their debut album, but even since 2016. The high notes he’s able to hit are unreal, and I don’t get how he’s able to scream so good, possibly better sounding than on records. There was one particular high note in “Scarlet” that even made two or three other fans get on their knees and bow down, hailing “We’re not worthy.”

Periphery are on top of their game right now. I loved how the whole bands seemed to be enjoying it a ton up on stage and when they closed with “Lune” it was clear that they appreciated all of us fans supporting them. I’m so glad I got to experience this show. I just really hope it doesn’t take them another three years to come back here.

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