Photos + Review: Ice Nine Kills at Amsterdam Bar and Hall (St. Paul, MN)

Ice Nine Kills (Boston, MA), Toothgrinder (Asbury Park, NJ), Hawk (Lancaster, PA)
July 15th, 2018
Amsterdam Bar and Hall in St. Paul MN

Ice Nine Kills are going to get huge. That’s my one big claim I’m entirely confident and making at this moment. They are going to get as big as Ghost really soon, and it’s going to make me incredibly happy.

The extreme downpour at the perfect time of when the majority of the crowd would be arriving to the venue didn’t keep this announced sell out crowd from packing Amsterdam Bar and Hall in St. Paul. The middle barrier was removed, and even still, the whole venue was packed from front to back. I’ve never seen so many people stuffed in that venue.

The band Hawk, and Toothgrinder were the two openers and I was really excited for Toothgrinder walking in. I saw them three years ago (how time flies) when they opened for Periphery, and I think one other time? But I’ve been following them ever since. They have a pretty unique brand of metal that isn’t quite metalcore, isn’t quite progressive metal, but mix the two and you get what I can most closely describe them as. I admittedly haven’t listened to them much over the last couple years, but as soon as they started playing I remembered exactly why I liked them so much before. They’re super heavy, super groovy, and impressively tight as a band. Hawk played first, and not knowing anything about them at all, I was really impressed. A great amount of heaviness, nice melodies. I’m definitely going to be checking out the recorded stuff in the near future. Hawk’s singer also is a guitarist and singer for Ice Nine Kills, which I had no idea of, but is super cool.

Ice Nine Kills last year was the band that surprised me most by going from not really knowing them at all to falling in love with them. I first saw them at Warped Tour, not even intending on checking their set out but I was a stage away, I had time to kill so I walked over and had goosebumps pretty much the whole time. Their newest album (that they’re touring in support of currently) The Silver Scream was one of my favorites last year and I’ve been dying to see a lot of the songs on there for what seems like so long now. I again got pretty regular goosebumps during the band’s set, and had a pretty vivid “holy crap, I’m actually here and this is actually happening” moment.

“Merry Axe-Mas,” “A Grave Mistake,” and especially “Stabbing in the Dark” were all songs I’ve been dreaming of how good and absolutely crushing they would be live, and they entirely lived up to my hype. A bit disappointing was I think they tuned down “A Grave Mistake” a half step or so, but I don’t blame them, that’s a really hard song to sing. The band even turned me from not really caring about the song “SAVAGES” to

The only negative I can really think of is there was a bit of a technical issue in the second half of the set, of which I could tell Spencer Charnas (lead singer) was getting frustrated over, but the band still rocked it, and it’s something that’ll be quick forgotten about. I personally also wish that “The World In My Hands” and “Love Bites” would have been played too, but the set that we were given was great, short and sweet and definitely left me wanting more.

I’m almost am tempted to drive down to Des Moines this Saturday to catch them again. Like the first time I saw Ice Nine Kills, I’m super excited to see them again. Next time hopefully at a much bigger venue.

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