Photos + Review: New Found Glory at Varsity Theater (Minneapolis, MN)

New Found Glory (Coral Springs, FL), Real Friends (Tinley Park, IL), The Early November (New Jersey), Doll Skin (Phoenix, AZ)
June 21st, 2019
Varsity Theater in Minneapolis, MN

Dating myself is something I seem to do a lot off lately while at work. I grew up right dab center in the good ol’ MTV days and remember watching TRL almost everyday after I’d get home from school. Those days pop punk was at it peak, with bands like Blink 182 and Green Day, but also kinda smaller bands like Sum 41, and New Found Glory. I recently was going around work and asking people if they had heard of New Found Glory, didn’t get a single yes, and was jokingly upset and would tell them “Come on! They were huge! A top band played on MTV and TRL back in the day!” only to get blank stares and shrugs in return.

That being said, all those pop punk bands listed were big for me growing up, and in the last few years I’ve been able to knock a good amount of them of my live show bucket list, with the last one being crossed off now New Found Glory. Doll Skin, The Early November, and Real Friends all opened the night and by far the best of the three were Doll Skin. Besides Slaves opening for Blessthefall, Doll Skin are easily the biggest surprise hit for me for bands I’ve seen live. They’re a four piece, all female punk band and the amount of energy and just fun they showed on stage was incredible. Every band member was fantastic at their instruments. Alex Snowden killed it on guitar and with her solos. I loved Nicole Rich’s bass lines.

I was honestly quite surprised by New Found Glory. They put on a great show, which was sold out, and by show I mean show. There were costume changes and everything. I’ve always loved it when bands cater more to the visual performance type stuff.  Bands like Ghost and In This Moment do that and visual storytelling aspect of shows is something I wish more bands would take advantage of to make shows more memorable. The band is touring currently in support of their newest cover album EP, From The Screen to Your Stereo 3, where they cover a bunch of songs from different movies. Songs like “Kiss Me,” “Eye of the Tiger,” and even “Let It Go” were played, with appropriate costumes.  I’m still upset that the band played all the songs from that album except my favorite, “A Thousand Years.” Why you gotta do me like that?

Most impressively from this night though, is how fast they were able to go through their set, or at least how fast their part of the night felt. Some bands play 12 songs for their night and it feels sluggish, New Found Glory played close to twenty and I could have easily gone for another half hour’s worth of music. That’s always been one of my checkmarks of what makes a concert just good to great.

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