Photos + Review: Set It Off at The Garage (Burnsville, MN)

Set It Off (Tampa, FL), Emarosa (Lexington, KY)
June 14th, 2019
The Garage in Burnsville, MN

Set It Off are a band that I’ve been wanting to see live for a couple years now. I’ll admit to not having listened to a ton of their music beforehand, but the songs I had listened too I loved. They had a great mixture of styles of pop punk and an almost classical, symphonic sound that made them sound unique and fresh. I knew I had to catch them live soon after I first discovered them.

The night was a high energy night from the get go. The line to get into the doors was hundreds of feet long, something I honestly wasn’t expecting. The venue once inside was already packed, something I haven’t seen for a few years now. Broadside, one of the opening bands, killed it. I totally had an “Oh shit!” moment when “Coffee Talk” came on. I knew the song but never made the connection until they started playing it. Now I’m going to be on the lookout for a headline tour.

Emarosa played next and last time I saw them last December, they left me super impressed and wanting to see more. So going into this so I was almost more excited to see them than Set It Off. I was kinda surprised that when asked how many people had seen them before, barely anybody raised their hands. I hope that works out in favor of the band because they deserve all the success they can get. Starting their set with “Giving Up” was perfect, it’s a really funky (Robert Jeffred kills it on the bass) tune that I think won the crowd over quick and by the end of their set everyone was jamming out well,

Set It Off killed it. By the time their set started in the night, the venue was getting super hot, enough to where the ceiling was starting to rain on us due to condensation. My only gripe with their set, was I think either their sound mix wasn’t great, or they need a bassist and another guitarist, because performance-wise they were great but sounded a bit thin. I like to be able to feel the bass and the guitar in my chest with how heavy they sound together, but it wasn’t there. Very minor annoyance, because when the last six or so songs came on I kinda forgot about it. “Bleak December” was one of the best songs of the night as far as crowd interaction goes; the crowd went nuts. “Why Worry,” “The Haunting,” And “Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing were all played too, which are all personal favorites of mine.

I definitely want to catch these guys again soon. Hopefully in a bigger venue because a band as good as they are should fill up one easily soon.

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