Photos + Review: Scott Helman and Mariana’s Trench at Varsity Theater (Minneapolis, MN)

Scott Helman (Toronto, ON), Mariana’s Trench (Vancouver, BC)
May 25th, 2019
Varisty Theater in Minneapolis, MN

This was another one of those shows where I decided I’d go in as blind as possible. I maybe listened to two songs of each Scot Helman’s and Mariana’s Trench beforehand to get an idea of if I liked there sound enough to want to experience them live. I did.

Boy was I blown away. I will quickly admit that the kind of music that the two artist play aren’t exactly my cup of tea, but I do enjoy it and appreciate what they do. What they do is play a similar style pop rock to 5 Seconds of Summer, Echosmith, and others. I didn’t think tat I’d be seeing a show that would rival when 5 Seconds of Summer sold out Varsity last year, but both Scot Helman and Mariana’s Trench made the night come super close with another sold out crowd. I got chills with how packed and energetic the crowd got. Because I went into this show pretty blind, my main thought going through my mind this night was “How are these guys this popular?! How have I never really heard of them?!” But it’s really cool that I can still discover bands that surprise me, in a good way.

Definitely going to be keeping an eye on both of these groups from now on. Scot Helman killed it during his set, impressively commanding the huge crowd and keeping the energy up the whole time. He’s another artist where I think his music translates even better to a live setting. I’m excited to see how much bigger he’ll get because I can easily see that happening to him.

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