Photos + Review: Atreyu + Motionless in White at Skyway Theatre (Minneapolis, MN)

Atreyu (Huntington Beach, CA), Motionless in White (Scranton, PA), Wilson (East Lansing, MI)
April 26th, 2018
Skyway Theatre in Minneapolis, MN


With Atreyu now, three of the big four metalcore bands of my teenage years which have had the most influence on me are now able to be crossed off my photography bucket list. Atreyu also mark off the last band I needed to see in general, as I had seen the other three (Trivium, Avenged Sevenfold and Bullet for my Valentine) at least a couple times each in previous years.

Everything about this show, everything about this night was absolutely perfect. A pretty big crowd was at Skyway Theatre that keep an intense and appreciative energy throughout, and most importantly didn’t feel like the venue was oversold like other shows I’ve been there for. Atreyu seemed to notice how well the crowd was receiving the performances, with both Brandon Saller (drummer and vocalist) and Alex Varkatzas commenting on us being the best date on the tour so far, by far.

Atreyu are touring in support of their newest album In Our Wake, and initially I was pretty lukewarm in feelings toward it, but over time I’ve warmed up to it, especially in the lead up to this show. Seeing the songs off it played live definitely breathed new life into them and made me appreciate them even more so. House of Gold is one of those tracks that I never gave much attention to, but now is one of my favorites. I just wish Super Hero was played.

Even though their 2007 album Lead Sails Paper Anchor was ripped apart by critics and fans around the time it was released, it’s always been one of my favorite albums. I was super happy that the second most songs played this night was from that album, especially “When Two Are One.” It has the perfect balance of melody, the catchiest chorus, brutal breakdown (the long die scream though), and some of my favorite lyrics (“Like the rising tide/Beating hearts grow but never die/To simplify/I’ll stand by your side/Close my eyes/Hope will never die)

This entire concert was absolutely perfect, I got some of my favorite photos now from it, and it was the start of an even more perfect weekend. I don’t know how or if it’ll be topped, but I’m excited to find out if that’ll happen.


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