Photos + Review: Godsmack at The Armory (Minneapolis, MN)

Godsmack (Lawrence, MA), Volbeat (Coppenhagen), Stitched Up Heart (Los Angeles, CA)
April 22nd, 2019
The Armory in Minneapolis, MN

Full disclosure: I’ve never been the hugest fan of Godsmack’s.

Godsmack are one of those bands that feel like they’ve been around my entire life. I have very strong memories of back in middle school, watching The Mummy (my favorite movie at the time), watching and playing Yu-Gi-Oh, and having their song “I Stand Alone” tied along to those times. “Voodoo” and then their later songs “Love-Hate-Sex-Pain” and “Cryin Like A Bitch.”

I couldn’t tell you why the band never really struck a chord with me at that time. Sully Erna has been for a long time one of my favorite vocalists. He has such a unique voice, with a huge power that I know would sound great today if he were to go heavier and be more of a metal vocalist rather than hard rock.

With that being said, I have liked the new stuff the band have put out on their newest album When Legends Rise quite a bit more than their older stuff. So I knew there was huge potential in seeing the band play live, especially at The Armory, the best venue in the cities. I was incredibly surprised at just how packed the entire place was. After our three songs taking photos, I tried to go back out into the crowd to just chill, but was greeted by a wall of people that would have been just ridiculous to go through. The entire night was pretty nutty, even from the moment I got into the pit. “When Legends Rise” was the opening song and it was a great one. The energy throughout rivaled the kind of energy I’ve been a part of at August Burns Red shows.

Lots of pyro, for long periods of times, which as a photographer was great. Shooting Shinedown felt like you had to get lucky to get good shots of their fire, but here I was able to adjust and compensate and get what I feel is my best shot including pyrotechnics.

It’s a shame that the show kinda felt like it was over sold, which i haven’t had that feeling before at Armory. But all other aspects of the show was fantastic, and I’ll be looking to catch another show of theirs if possible in the future.

(Also as an aside, if you’re planning to go to any of the upcoming dates, go early! Stitched Up Heart are the first band and they aren’t one to miss. Great music, great people. I’d love to see them get the support that they truly deserve!)


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