Photos + Review: Mike Mains and the Branches @ The Garage (Burnsville, MN)

Mike Mains and the Branches (Michigan)
March 16th, 2018
The Garage in Burnsville, MN

Every once and awhile there’s those concerts for me that just feel right a right a ship that at that particular time might be straying from it’s path. Not ever day is going to be a good day, not every week is going to be a good one, it all depends on what you do with those times that can determine what it’ll take out of yourself and how hard it’ll be on you.

I’m trying to be more open with how I’ve been feeling at particular times, because I’ve grown up as a bottle-r and the more time goes on, the more I really don’t want to be like that anymore. I know when can happen if I just let thing build up into myself, and concerts are most definitely a way for me to ground myself and help me realize that hey, as bad as things may be, I worked hard at getting to this point of live music being a central part of what makes me, me. At least I still have that going for me.

Last Saturday was one of those downer days, but a little indie band Called Mike Mains and the Branches was one to help me reorient myself and help make everything in my life just a little bit more beautiful. I like to think of these guys as a mixture of The Maine and Motion City Soundtrack, and after being a part of some hectic, sometimes chaotic shows with Shinedown and All That Remains, a nice chill show from this band was something I didn’t know I needed until we were halfway through their impressive setlist. “Noises” is by far my favorite song of theirs. It closely resembles what I think about what goes on in my head, and I immediate added it into my year long favorite song playlist project I’ve got going on Spotify.

The cherry on the top of this concert was the ending. The band closes with “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright” and before playing, Mike Mains, the singer, had this to say that I knew I just had to record to be able to go back to whenever needed: “Leonard Cohen said it this way ‘There’s a crack, there’s a crack in everything. That is how the light gets in.’ I don’t know your story completely, I don’t know what kind of ghost you carry this evening, but not on my watch, not on our watch, not on everyone here’s watch will you walk out of these doors and go do something stupid to yourself even if you’re having a hard time. You’ve got people here who love you, and this is the next thing I want you to do and then I’ll shut up and you know, less talk more rock. Put you’re hand on your heart, feel it beat. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. And the next time you have a really, really hard time, and you feel like giving up, just remember that as long as this thing inside of your chest is still beating, that there is still hope. Don’t you ever let anyone tell you otherwise. And remember, everything is gonna be alright.”

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