Photos + Review: All That Remains at The Cabooze (Minneapolis, MN)

All That Remains (Springfield, MA), Attila (Atlanta, GA), Escape the Fate (Las Vegas, NV), Sleep Signals (Minneapolis, MN)
March 12th, 2018
The Cabooze in Minneapolis

Short review this time.

All That Remains were on the same level of influence or importance as Trivium for me growing up. The Fall of Ideals is one of those special legendary albums that if I were to write out a top albums ever list, I would have to include it. Ever since I started this concert photography thing, All That Remains have been high on my list of bands to shoot. I almost skipped out on this show because of it being held at The Cabooze, but my high school self would have hated me for doing that.

Ever since their Overcome album, I’ve lost a ton of interest in All That Remains, mostly because they seemed to have almost Flanderized themselves, and a lot of their newer music seemed formulaic. But, massive props to the band because they put on one hell of a show live. I would have loved it if they played “The Weak Willed” but the played plenty of songs from The Fall of Ideals to appease my taste, and to my surprised, all of the newer songs played sounded wonderful. Maybe it’s because they were more stripped down and raw then their recorded counterparts, but I dug it. Phil Labonte is a beast live. I have no idea how he’s been able to sound as good as he did for so long.

I very much look forward to being able to see these guys again, I just really hope it’s not at the Cabooze. Hopefully a 15 year anniversary tour for The Fall of Ideals where it’s played in full in a couple year?

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