Photos + Review: Shinedown at Target Center (Minneapolis, MN)

Shinedown (Jacksonville, FL), Papa Roach (Vacaville,CA), Asking Alexandria (York, North Yorshire)
March 11th, 2018
Target Center in Minneapolis, MN

It’s been a week exactly since seeing Shinedown live for the first time (a bit later than I liked to get this post up, but hey, life stuff happens), and I’m very confident in saying that this show will have a strong hold for the best of the year for me.

I honestly had no idea that Shinedown were this big of a band, to be able to comfortably sell a packed arena and rock it the way that they did. I was in agreement with one of the other photographers in thinking that they were a “Myth” band; one that would be more appropriate for a venue in town here that’s at most half the size of Target Center. Three songs in was all it took to sell me on the band and I was hooked.

It’s not even like I wasn’t a fan of Shinedown, I actually liked them quite a bit, especially in 2008 when Sound of Madness came out. But over the years since, I’ve felt they’ve gone softer and haven’t had as many good songs. Again I was proven wrong and I was surprised with just how many songs that were played that I completely forgot about yet absolutely loved, like “Diamond Eyes,” “Enemies,” and even “Bully” was great live. Even more credit to give to the band, they played five songs from their newest album ATTENTION ATTENTION which got me to give it a listen after I got home. It’s been on repeat ever since and I would call it their best for sure since Sound of Madness, and possibly yet.

The only small detractor from the band’s set was the bass didn’t seem to be properly mixed with the rest. The three song encore played (“Cut the Cord,” “Sound of Madness,” and “Brilliant”) felt a little dry and with a song like “Cut the Cord,” I feel like a bass worthy of shaking the entire room would have been awesome. But, that’s a very small complaint, as everything else was as perfect as perfect can be. Brent Smith has the best voice going currently, and I will fight you if you think otherwise. I couldn’t believe how much power that guy can belt out on “Second Chance” and if I ever get anybody to narrate my life, I want it to be him.

This is going to be one of those shows I look back on and wish I could go back to for a very long time. I can’t wait to be able to see them again, and you should absolutely go see them too if you’re able to.

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