Photos + Review: The Aces at 7th Street Entry (Minneapolis, MN)

The Aces (Provo, UT), Tishmal (Provo, UT)
March 10th, 2018
7th Street Entry in Minneapolis, MN

Coming into this show this last Sunday night, I was not expecting to have as much fun as I did. I got to catch The Aces back last September when they opened for 5 Second of Summer, and they were really good then and I could clearly see why they were opening for them. So when I found out they were coming back here this month I was super happy, even more so that it was gonna be at First Ave. Only, it wasn’t at First Ave. I guess I somehow assumed it was going to be there but in reality it was being held at their next door sister-venue 7th Street Entry. I was bummed about that but the draw of potential great music with The Aces kept me wanting to watch.

The problem with 7th Street Entry, at least from my perspective, is that it’s less of a music venue and more of just a room that just so happens to be a place where bands can play. It’s a small room at that, only able to hold 250 people, so for me I either have to get there super early, which wasn’t feasible this night, to be able to get up front, or get stuck in the back if I don’t want to squeeze my way through a bunch of people.

Whatever negatives there were for me though, they were blessings in disguise because with being stuck in the back, there’s only so many different kinds of pictures I can take, so after awhile I was kind of forced to turn off my photographer brain, relax, and just enjoy the show and music for what it is. And what it was, was really great and really fun. As good as The Aces were when they opened at The Armory last fall, I don’t think the energy the band gives off was properly conveyed there in such a huge venue in comparison to how much was there at 7th Street. It was so much more prevalent at 7th Street than Armory. There are certain shows that give you a real good buzzed, happy feeling, and that’s what I’d pick to describe the pure essence of The Aces and their music. They’re a perfect mixture of bands like 5 Seconds of Summer, Against the Current, and Echosmith.

The band played a strong 16 songs setlist, that included their entire debut album When My Heart Felt Volcanic.¬†Personal favorites included “Stay,” “Stuck,” and “Hurricane,” but all of it was great and the 16 songs definitely went by really fast. I am definitely looking forward to following this band and all that they do in the future. The world can always use more music that just makes you feel good. The girls in the band (Cristal Ramirez, Katie Henderson, McKenna Petty, and Alisa Ramirez) all seem like genuinely wonderful people and whatever success come their way is going to be entirely deserved.

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