Photos + Review: Nothing More and Of Mice & Men at Skyway Theatre (Minneapolis, MN)

Nothing More (San Antonio, TX), Of Mice & Men (Orange County, CA), Badflower (Los Angeles, CA), Palisades (Iselin, NJ)
March 2nd, 2019
Skayway Theatre in Minneapolis, MN

Nothing More and Of Mice & Men teamed up for this tour, and as soon as it was announced I was ecstatic and super excited to see them. Throw in Badflower as another opener and that’s a recipe for one of my most anticipated shows of the year so far.

I was very excited for this tour because last year I was given the opportunity to cover Of Mice & Men and then a week later a Nothing more show, both firsts for me seeing them, and they came at an important time where I was not feeling myself at all and was down in the dumps. I hadn’t shot any shows for awhile, and for someone like me who usually averages one a week, going from that to none in a month and a half pretty much, it sucks especially when concerts and live music have become such an integral part of my life. Being able to shoot those two bands really helped me start to feel like myself again and got the ball moving for better days. Because of that, these two bands will always hold a special part of my heart.

Over the years I’ve come up with a pretty simple method of rating concerts for how good they were, and it comes down to just three things: 1. Does it make me want to listen to the whole discography again? 2. Does the show make me think about what I was just apart of, for days after? And 3. Further into the future, do I start wishing that I could go back to that moment, to relive it again?

I’ve also over the years been torn about how I want to prepare myself for shows. Do I listen to a bunch of the band before to get myself hyped up? Or do I go cold turkey in hopes that I’ll forget how good the band and their songs are and then be blown away wen seeing them live? In the case of Nothing More this year it was the latter, not because it was on purpose, but I think I might have over-saturated myself last year and I just never really ventured back to their music. But holy crap did I forget about how good they are live. There is so much energy in a Nothing More show that even after walking a couple miles to the venue in sub-zero temps then watching through three other bands, I was feeling amped. Singer Jonny Hawkins Is a ball of energy and a great frontman. I don’t get how he can run all over the stage and not get dead tired in the middle and still sing great. I’m so glad that these guys are seeming to only get better and bigger and bigger as time goes, especially after getting nominated for a Grammy.

As far as my criteria goes, I have been listening to Nothing More’s discography again (“Funny Little Creatures” is my jam. The show Saturday reminded me of that.), and it has been something I’ve been going back and daydreaming about. I’ll still need some more time and some more concert to go to in the year to know if the feeling of elation from seeing these bands play will stick around or get replaced, in a sense, but as far as right now goes, it should be one show that’ll stick with me the rest of the year. I highly recommend going if you have the chance.

(Also, as a side note, badflower were absolutely amazing this time seeing them. Their setlist was banger after banger, I think it was my first time seeing “Die” live, which was fantastically heavy with it’s groove and subject matter (Trump). It was a pleasure seeing “Ghost” live again and what struck me most was just how unyielding the bass line was. It shook me and the entire venue and was it awesome. Completely fitting for the song. They’ve got a new album out Okay, I’m Sick now and it’s great. Go out and support these guys.

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