Photos + Review: August Burns Red at The Cabooze (Minneapolis, MN)

August Burns Red (Lancaster, PA), Fit For A King (Dallas, TX), Miss May I (Troy, OH), Crystal Lake (Tokyo, JP)
February 16th, 2018
The Cabooze in Minneapolis, MN

Two years ago almost exactly is when I first shot August Burns Red and felt like there was a serious chance I or a piece of my camera equipment was going to get hurt.

So why did I decide to sign up for another round of the same thing at the same venue, The Cabooze? Because August Burns Red is consistently one of the highest energy shows with incredible production values. As much as I love living in Minnesota, it kinda sucks at around this time of the year. Come February time when I’ve been spending way to much time at home, I just want winter to end already. It’s also been way too long since my last show so I decided to suck it up and shoot this show even if I absolutely loathe this venue.

Last time I saw August Burns Red was when they were touring in support of their Messengers anniversary tour, and this show on their current Dangerous tour didn’t equal the craziness that I remember the last show to be. In the time that I was in the pit there wasn’t any crowdsurfers, or very little at least, but the set still felt very high energy and my heart was pumping the whole time.

Biggest takeaway from this show for me is just how absolutely packed The Cabooze gets amd just how all around consistently good and heavy all the bands are. I finally saw Miss May I for the first time and they didn’t disappoint. In fact, seeing their songs live gave me a new appreciation for them. This was also my fourth or fifth time seeing Fit For A King, and comparing the first time I saw them thinking they were just another run of the mill metalcore band to now? They are incredible. I’m always excited to have the chance to see them and I will nw defend them as one of the most important band in the scene right now.

My biggest wish going forward is for August Burns Red to play at a different venue. They must like The Cabooze for how often they play it, but come on, I feel like they could rock First Ave, or at least Varsity Theater. All In all great show that I’m glad I went to, as disregarding everything else, it was a good test to see how far I’ve gotten at this concert photography thing.

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