Photos + Review: Silverstein at Varsity Theater (Minneapolis, MN)

Silverstein (Burlington, ON), Hawthorne Heights (Dayton, OH)

First show of the year for me and it’s firmly that time of the year in Minneapolis where the air hurts our faces. Why do we live in a place where the air hurts…

Disregarding the fact that I had to sprint a good three blocks or so to get to the venue in time to catch Hawthorne Heights, the show was a good one to start off the year. To be fair right off the bat, I can’t say I’ve ever been a huge fan of either of the bands I saw, Silverstein being the second and headliner of the night. But, Dead Reflection, their newest album that came out in 2017 was one that I ended up liking quite a bit and was bummed I couldn’t see them last year when they played one of the last shows at our south Minneapolis venue Triple Rock.

The production of this entire show lead up to all of my expectations, as all photos and videos of the bands I saw beforehand looked amazing. Varsity Theater can be pretty meh sometimes with their lighting but on this night it excelled.

Musically I was very impressed. Silverstein played their whole When Broken Is Easily Fixed album, their first released 15 years ago, to celebrate, and I always love going to those types of shows because I can listen to the album beforehand and then seeing them live to see how much they’ve improved or at least changed. Both Hawthorne Heights and Silverstein played their sets incredibly well, I was quite pleased and surprised at how heavy each could get.

I’m glad I got to catch this set of Silverstein’s this time around, and if any other Silverstein fans are about to go to another date, they’re in for a treat.

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