10. Lucy DacusHistorian – Matador Records

Historian is Lucy Dacus second studio album. With less than two years passed in between the two album releases this artist has shown such and incredible growth it was a pure pleasure to listen to this record which is still currently on high rotation at home. Lyrically vulnerable and beautiful and musically masterfully crafted this album does indeed allow your soul to “scream out”.

Key tracks for me are  ” Night Shifts” and “Addictions” and “Pillars Of Truth”


9. The 1975A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships – Interscope records

I think this album is definitely a game changer for the band,and  their album to beat so to speak. It balances electronica, with bubblegum pop with jazz. It is equally personal and grand recounting the troubled personal growth of lead singer Matt Healy while touching on the  current tumultuous political situations and millenials’ codependent relationship with technology.

Key Tracks for me are ” The Man Who Married A Robot” “Love It If We Made It” and ” I Like America & America Likes Me’.


8 Snail MailLush – Matador Records

Lindsey Jordan’s debut album is exactly what Indie music should sound like. It is one of those albums you accidentally discover and fall in love with instantly. This album grabs onto you from the first track and just doesn’t let go. It is pretty difficult to pinpoint key tracks here because it experienced the album as a 10 song journey and I truly believe you should experience it the same way but I do LOVE ” Speaking Terms”.


7. Ministry Amerikkant – Nuclear Blast Records

Amerikkant is Ministry’s 14th album  and for me it is their comeback album. Unapologetic, in your face and loud which is exactly what i would want from Ministry. It seems that the current political destructive climate has  awaken the beast in Al Jurgensen and brought Ministry back from the dead so to speak to reign in Industrial plane.  Key tracks are ” Antifa” ” Victims of a clown” and “Wargasm”.


6. Kurt VileBottle It In – Matador Records

This is his 7th solo album and by far his most acoustically rich  album to date. It offers lyrically and emotions; and gloomy nuance that’s back by stunning guitar works that leave you gasping for more.

Key Tacks are ” Bottle It In ” , “Yeah Bones” and “Loading Zones”.


5. Cardi BInvasion Of Privacy – Atlantic Records

This is by far one of the strongest debut album I have listened to in a long time and it graciously gifted us the perfect soundtrack of summer. Key Tracks for me ” I like It” featuring Bad Bunny and J Balvin, ” Bodak Yellow”  and “Best Life” featuring Chance The Rapper.


4. – Janelle MonaeDirty Computer – Atlantic Records

This album is  a Prince reminiscing masterpiece that feels matured, fearless and liberated. Janelle’s third studio album seems to give voice to every woman in its  manifesto of feminine empowerment that resonates louder during these crazy days.

Key Tracks are ” “Pynk” , ” Django Jane” and “Don’t Judge Me”


3. David ByrneAmerican Utopia – Nonesuch, Todomundo

American Utopia is Byrne’s seventh studio album and his first released since 2004 and gives us indeed reasons to be cheerful.

Fav tracks include ” Everyday Is A Miracle”, “This Is That” and “Everybody’s Coming To My House”.


2. Johnny MarrCall The Comet – New Voodoo / Warner Bros.

Well it seems that while Morrissey wasted precious studio time mouthing off to just about anyone who would listen, Marr wisely chose to invest his time creating an album that capable of demanding the listener’s attention from beginning to end leaving me a little less melancholic for the good ol’ smiths days.

Favorite tracks are ” Walk Into The Sea” “Rise” and “Hi Hello”.


1. – InterpolMarauder – Matador Records

Marauder is Interpol’s sixth studio album and by far their most experimental. Their sounds seems to have grown richer and more layered in a way leaving the listener almost perplexed at first wanting to hit the replay button a few times. it’s one of those very rare albums that you just keep falling in love with a little more each time you play it. The Guitar chords on Flight of Fancy ( My second favorite Track on the album)  are just breathtaking. The Rover ( The first released Single) moves you from the first beat.  Stay In Touch is moody, dark and somehow still very warming. Number 10  ( My favorite track on the album) it is gritty , almost anxious and tense but equally beautiful and powerful.

This release pretty much made 2018 for me and is the only Album I EVER pre-ordered.


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