Photos + Review: In This Moment & Halestorm at The Armory (Minneapolis, MN)

Halestorm (Red Lion, PA), In This Moment (Los Angeles, CA), New Years Day (Anaheim, CA)
December 8th, 2018
The Armory in Minneapolis, MN

I finally got to see a date of this tour! All throughout the end of las year and the beginning of this year I’ve been calling this tour the closest to perfect for me. Back then the tour with Halestorm headlining with In This moment and New Years Day providing support along with Stitched Up Heart too. All bands that I love and have loved to photograph. But I was super bummed that they were coming anywhere near here. (Also a little bummed that none of them had me on our with them, but I digress…) But then they announced a second leg of this tour which came here last Saturday.

Ho-lee crap was it packed at The Armory. I thought it was packed when I was there for 5 Second of Summer and Rise Against a few months ago, but I guess they weren’t as close to selling out as I had thought. This show most definitely was sold out and I was told as much when I got to the venue. Something I learned which I found neat is that capacity of the venue is around 8000 but considers a show sold out around 7100 or so and doesn’t sell anymore. FOr someone who has been to plenty of shows at First Avenue, Myth, and Palace Theatre that were clearly oversold as they were atrocious shows for trying to walk around anywhere to try and find a spot to watch the show, let alone take pictures.

New Years Day played first, and almost right off the bat I was disappointed because we were told that we wouldn’t be able to photograph them. I was looking forward to trying to get some better shots the last last time, so if anybody has an explanation as to why we could, I would be very grateful! Their performance wasn’t the greatest either, which was interesting because they were great at Palace Theatre last time I saw them. The band started off good, but then got a bit shakey in the middle, ending their set at least on a good note with Defame Me. I still really want to catch a headline show of these guys though.

In This Moment were very good. They played a set that is one of those that’s hard for me to seperate as a photographer and a fan. Musically and performance-wise they were fantastic as always, but photo-wise, I left a bit disappointed because I don’t think I got as good of shots as last time. They put on such a visually rich and intriguing show that I’m glad I got some good ones, but I still don’t think I topped my favorite. Granted I do think it’ll be real tough to do that though.

Halestorm stole the show I’ve always been a fan, but more casually. I liked them whenever they came on the radio, but never sought them out to listen to. I have had a bit of a crush on Lzzy Hale for awhile, ever since I came across the cover she did with her band of “Empire State of Mind.” But oh my god can she sing and perform. I have absolutely no idea how she doesn’t blow out her voice every single night. I would vote her definitely in the top three of female vocalists going in the industry right now. Like In This Moment did the first time seeing them, Halestorm have officially converted me to an active fan. The turning point for me was a fantastic Journey cover of Separate Ways on the piano. I feel like I’ve been sleeping on this band now and will definitely be checking out their newest album Vicious.

I only wish now to see them again. I was’t anticipating staying for their whole set, but it went by way too fast. I would have stuck around for another hour or two.

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