Photos + Review: Underoath at Skyway Theatre (Minneapolis, MN)

Underoath (Tampa, FL), Dance Gavin Dance (Sacramento, CA), Crown the Empire (Dallas, TX), The Plot in You (Hancock County, OH)
November 28th, 2018
Skyway Theatre in Minneapolis, MN


I’ve been thinking a good amount lately about how much my music taste has changed over the last decade or so. Or may my tastes haven’t really changed, but I’ve instead become way more accepting toward music that I normally would have hated back when I was a teenager.

Underoath is a band that got big back when I was in high school, and their type of music just never really sat well with me. Didn’t really dig the singing and din’t really like how all over the place their music seemed to be, but more than ten years later, I actually quite like them. Especially live. I think there’s been a trend lately of band in the post hardcore scene and style mellowing out and not being as heavy, like Bring me the Horizon, Asking Alexandria, and I would add Underoath in there too. So that might have something to do with me liking them more, but I’m okay with it.

I was slightly annoyed when I got to the venue to find out the first band, The Plot in You, had already started when they weren’t due to for another 15 minutes at least. I wasn’t all that upset, but for the fans of the band and the people that had to drive in the crappy traffic that made many people late, I sure there were a good amount of upset people. They were pretty good though musically, while Crown the Empire, who played after them, left me kind of unimpressed. I don’t know if it was an off night for them, but they didn’t really vibe with me much until their last song they played. It was definitely a different feel than when I saw them play at Warped Tour this past summer.

Dance Gavin Dance was arguably who I went to see, more than Underoath. I saw them last in 2016 on their Mothership tour and my appreciation was not anywhere close to what it is now, so I was excited to be able to see and admire them more properly this night. Their singer Tilian Pearson has a ridiculously good voice, one that I would say is the most unique in the post-hardcore, metal-ish genre. Listening to their new album Son of Robot, I was worried that some of his was was good due to autotune, like on Midnight Crusade, but nope. That was their second song of the night and he sang it flawlessly. It was really cool to see a full room the size of Skyway jamming out to them (so many crowdsurfers too) compared to their headlining show two ears ago at Amsterdam Bar and Hall. This band deserves their success.

I honestly didn’t know what to expect from Underoath other than being know for putting on a good show lighting-wise, and liking their songs “On My Teeth” and “ihateit” quite a bit. Another thing I’ve noticed, is that the metalcore bands like Underoath that had (I don’t know how else to put it) more chaotic sounding songs and albums, they translate extremely well now in live settings. Their set was a treat to photograph; I always enjoy shooting the more unique stage set ups, and Underoaths huge LED light backgrounds and risers were great for that. They put a lot of energy and emotion into their set, with Spencer Chamberlain on vocals killing it. Probably one of my favorite screamers. No idea how he’s able to keep screaming and singing like he does without killing his vocal chords, but it sounds great.

This is probably going to go down as one of my favorite shows of the year, and it’s made me listen to their new album Erase Me way more and maybe push it into my top ten of he year too. Would definitely recommend checking this tour out if you get the chance!


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