Photos + Review: The Wrecks at The Garage (Burnsville, MN)

The Wrecks (Los Angeles, CA), badflower (Los Angeles, CA), Deal Casino (Asbury Park, NJ)
November 19th, 2018
The Garage in Burnsville, MN

A little late on this one due to Thanksgiving festivities, but hey, better late then never.

Since this Wrecks show was the last one for me before Thanksgiving, and it was officially my 50th show of the year, I most just want to thank a bunch of people in this post. It’s been a goal of mine the last couple of years to get to the 50 concerts in a year number and I have a ton of gratitude to give to the people that have help to make it possible.

To all the band’s press contacts I’ve emailed and have gotten me into these shows, thank you for being awesome and genuinely nice people to work with. It helps so much when so many of you guys are wonderful to talk to.

Thank you to the bands themselves that I’ve gotten to meet and continue to get to know over this past year, From our local bands here like Cold Kingdom, Throw the Fight, and Dividing Eden, to more national acts including The Wrecks, thanks for letting me bug you guys with my camera so much. This wouldn’t be possible without you guys being so kind, or at the very least it wouldn’t be as close to how fun it is.

Speaking of, huge thank you to The Wrecks for helping me out for shooting this show after I reached out on Twitter. That method is usually my very last resort, but to have you guys respond and help me out last minute was incredible and I appreciate it a ton!

The Wreck’s show last week was almost a year exactly after I saw them play last, and two and a half years after I first saw them play in the little ol’ venue across town in the Turf Club when they opened for Nothing But Thieves. At this point I remember more about their set and how blow away I was by them than Nothing But Thieves, but they just keep getting better and better with time, and it makes me happy to see that their crowds are getting bigger each time. I got to the venue for this last show kind of early because with The Garage hardly ever having a barricade up (I think I’ve only seen it once?) I wanted to be able to get front and center is possible, but there was already a ton of people inside where squeezing through was not something I was comfortable doing.

Every band played fantastically this night. I may have been slightly more excited to see badflower play, since it was the first time seeing them in a couple years and they’ve blown up, deservedly, with their song “Ghost.” But it was just an overall well rounded show that I’m super thankful for being able to attend and take pictures of. I will forever be supporting these bands, and if they ever come into your area, you should support them too!


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