Photos: Dayseeker + Palisades at The Garage (Burnsville, MN)

Palisades (Iselin, NJ), Dayseeker (Orange County, CA), Savage Hands (Waldorf, MD), In Search of Solace (Minneapolis, MN), Prevailing Providence (Minneapolis, MN)
October 13th, 2018
The Garage in Burnsville, MN

This was a show filled with a few bands I’ve been wanting to see for many months.

Palisades I saw almost two years ago now I think, opening for Lacey Sturm, which looking back seems really odd. Dayseeker I’ve followed for quite awhile bit saw them first at last summer’s Warped Tour date here in MN and have been wanting to catch an in venue set ever since. A couple local bands I’m glad I finally have been able to see, with a friend Drake Friesen’s band Prevailing Providence, and the other being In Search of Solace.

All bands killed it live. I absolutely don’t understand how Rory Rodriguez can sing so well, so extremely raspy and not blow out his voice. The amount of power in that guy is unreal I’m excited to see all these band go on to bigger and better things.


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