Photos + Review: The Wombats at Fine Line Music Cafe (Minneapolis, MN)

The Wombats (Liverpool), Barns Courtney (London)
October 8th, 2018
Fine Line Music Cafe in Minneapolis, MN

I’m so glad I didn’t miss this show. There was a bit of confusion for me because on The Wombat’s website they had Music Hall Minneapolis listed as the venue, but nothing about it being relocated, so I wasn’t sure if it was happening or not. But with it all figured out, it was quite an enjoyable night, visually and sonically.

Any band that can have a song called “Lemon to A Knife Fight” and have it be one of their best songs, get major points from me. Taken at face value it sounds kind of ridiculous, but after hearing it and letting it sink it, the depth of the meaning behind it hits you and I think that’s the perfect analogy for this band I can come up with to sum them up. On the one hand they’re a rock band (and a real good one at that), I’m always in favor of having more of them and am a big proponent of rock music becoming the more prevalent music genre again. But on the other, I didn’t realize just how deep some of the songs were until listening to them while played live. I mean, “Out Of My Head” has been something that I’ve struggled with for so long. To have those feelings written well in song form is great. I admittedly went into this show pretty blind and I think that worked out quite well in my favor. I didn’t expect to like this band as much as I did, and definitely didn’t expect to have as much fun considering how many people were packed into this small venue (anxiety level increased to the max trying to squeeze my way through the crowd to get good shots).

The biggest reason why I wanted to cover this show was because of the lighting. Kelsey Gonzales has been doing the lighting for The Wombats and that was reason enough for me to attend. I’m always chasing those good lights, and after her Echosmith and AFI shows, anytime she’s in town I have to be there. This Wombats show was the least intricate out of the three I’ve seen, with it just being house lighting and six or eight (I think?) smallish lights on the stage, but she still killed it on making the venue look fantastically colorful.

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