Photos + Review: Tremonti & Seether at Myth (Maplewood, MN)

Seether (Pretoria SA), Tremonti (Detroit, MI), Big Story (Dallas, TX)
October 6th, 2018
The Myth in Maplewood, MN

Check another one off the must see/shoot list.

I’ve been a big fan and following Mark Tremonti for way more than half my life at this point, so I’m ecstatic to say that I finally got to see him live solo. I have seen him live once before a couple years back with Alter Bridge, but it’s his new solo stuff I really wanted to see played in person.

It started way back in the day in his Creed days. My Sacrifice was the one song to do it. I still can picture watching the music video when it came out and seeing Mark play his guitar in waist deep water. Didn’t make much sense but was, and still is a banger of a song. 11 year old me, when that song came out, probably would be incredibly amazed that I’ve been able to see him play and photograph him.

Alter Bridge has always been a band I’ve liked, but both their songs “Blackbird” (that solo) and “Words Darker Than Their Wings” (that voice) are what really turned me into a casual fan of Mark’s to intently following everything he does musically.

It’s incredibly satisfying to see the success Mark is having doing his own solo thing, especially after releasing his newest album A Dying Machine, which is by far his best work, and I’m not just saying that as a sucker for concept records. That album has been getting rave reviews ever since it came out, and to have been able to see some of it played live. although not nearly enough of it, was a treat. There’s always been a real power behind Tremonti’s work, but I was still surprised at how taken aback I was at how energetic and powerful the songs sounded when I was up close to the stage for “Cauterize,” “Wish You Well,” and “Another Heart” (a personal favorite). It was also amazing just how seamlessly the band can change from heavy as hell thrashy riffs to catchy, super melodic choruses and then back again. The musicianship shown between the four members of the band was unreal.

What we really need now is a full on headliner tour that goes all out. Play A Dying Machine in full, get some big video boards up behind the band with movies or clips going along with the sci-fi story. Just go full on theatrical. I would be there in a heartbeat.


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