Photos + Review: Sevendust at Myth (Maplewood, MN)

Sevendust (Atlanta, GA)
September 18th, 2018
Myth in Maplewood, MN

I’ve held the belief for awhile that time flows in circles, big and little (probably mention on here before too). I had another occurrence of a period of time’s circle becoming full with this last time seeing Sevendust.

Sevendust might not be the best band ever, or the biggest, but they will always hold a very dear and special place in my heart. Besides the fact that I feel like I’ve grown up listening to them, they were the second show I ever photographed, and for sure the first big band. I drove a couple hours down to Clear Lake, Iowa and took what I thought were good pictures, but now I look back, cringe a little bit and clearly see now how much I’ve improved in the two and a half years I’ve been doing this.

With that being said, it’s always fun to get direct opportunities to see how much you’ve improved, so when I found out that Sevendust were going to play in town I got really excited. They were playing in support of the band Clutch, so this time seeing not headlining felt weird, but there’s something quite unique feeling about their sets that I’ve felt both times seeing them now. I interviewed Lajon, their lead singer, before the Iowa show and he mentioned that one of the things he enjoys most about playing their shows is how they feel like family reunions, and I get it. I knew of a lot of people going to the show, Lajon said he saw a good amount of familiar faces. My favorite though was the feeling that it didn’t feel like it was just a band playing up on stage doing their thing and then done with it. Lajon’s relaxed and friendly demeanor made if feel like they were just a bunch of regular ol’ dudes, that happen to be in a band and friends with everybody, up on stage playing their songs. It’s endearing and made it feel more special.

Sevendust did bring the energy and the heavy stuff too though (“Pieces” is probably one of the heaviest songs I’ve seen this year). My main thoughts when it comes to Sevendust are always just how consistent of a band they are and that their songs, new and old, fit in extremely well with other bands’ in the scene. And for that I will always be thankful for them, and grateful that I got my first chance photographing a major band from them.

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