Photos + Review: Bullet For My Valentine at Myth (Maplewood, MN)

Bullet For My Valentine (), Bad Omens
September 15th, 2018
Myth in Maplewood, MN

Like old school metal fans from back in the 80 had their big four of metal bands (Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, Anthrax), the early to mid 2000’s had a big four for myself. Those four bands were Trivium at the top, then Avenged Sevenfold, Bullet For My Valentine, and like how Anthrax was kinda-interchangable-but-still-kinda-there, you could probably switch between All That Remains with Killswitch Engage as that fourth band.

Bullet For My Valentine’s album The Poison was hugely influential to myself when it came out. It was similar to Trivium, whom I had already fallen in love with, with their dueling guitars, incredibly catchy choruses, brutal screams and breakdowns, but all different enough to scratch a different itch of mine and stay memorable.

10 years later, for whatever reason I hadn’t seen the band live at all. Now during that time frame I didn’t go to that many shows, but for a band like that that I liked a ton, I regret not going to at least one show around the release of The Poison or Scream Aim Fire especially, but I will attribute that to the albums that came after those two, Fever and Temper Temper. I admittedly didn’t like those records, especially Temper Temper, and because of that my interest in the band waned. But then Venom came out and oh boy, was that a game changer. I still remember back in 2015 listening to “No Way Out” for the first time and thinking “Holy crap, Bullet got way heavier, this is super good.” And it was then that I decided I really wanted to see them live. I had already gone to two Between the Buried and Me shows recently and caught the bug. I wanted to go to more concerts, and their show that year was a must go.

Since I started photographing concerts, I haven’t had the chance to cover a Bullet show. They’ve been on my bucket list of bands I have to shoot since I started, and I’m so glad I can finally cross them off. This tour was in support of their newest album Gravity, which in itself kinda put a damper on things because I’m not the biggest fan of that album, but I can honestly say that seeing Bullet play the five songs from gave me a way bigger appreciation of it then before. Songs like “Over It”, “Piece of Me” and “Not Dead Yet” have way more energy in a live setting. “Don’t Need You” was the opener of their set and by far one of the highlights of the night for me. The intensity of it while being in the pit was something else and put a smile on my face the whole time. “Suffocating Under Words Of Sorrow” was a big, pleasant surprise to see played.

Although I would rate this last Saturday show a notch under the time I saw them before (which was also at Myth), I did leave the show incredibly impressed at just how tight the band has gotten. I still think that Jamie Mathias was a great addition to the band as bassist and is still one of my favorites. Definitely excited to see them live again in the future and to see what direction the band goes.


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