Photos + Review: Stone Sour at Palace Theatre (St. Paul, MN)

Stone Sour (Des Moines, IA), From Ashes To New (Lancaster, PA), Version 5 (Minneapolis, MN)
August 26th, 2018
Palace Theatre in St. Paul, MN

I’ve been to a lot of shows since I’ve starting photographing concerts. I’ve done enough of them where I don’t really get that nervous about them anymore, although there are still some exceptions, like when shooting Trivium, my favorite band for more than a decade now. Instead, that nervousness usually gets replaced with varying degrees of excitement. Some shows I get more excited for than others; Stone Sour last Sunday was one of those shows I was super excited for and made myself a little bit nervous over.

One of my constants in my musical rotation for what seems like forever, has been Slipknot. They were one of the bands to push me into heavier things, and I’ve always loved that the band was from pretty much the same area as me. It’s super rare that a musician or band from the Minnesota/Iowa area gets as big as they have. So naturally I’ve grown to be a huge fan of Corey Taylor, and an even bigger fan of his side band Stone Sour. I got big into the band back in 2006 when Come What(ever) May came out. You couldn’t go anywhere without hearing Through Glass playing. It was crazy how big that song got. I kind of fell away from them for a few years after that, but once their House of Gold and Bones albums came out, hooo boy, that changed everything. They went from being just a pretty good band to one of my favorites. Those albums were so good, so well rounded and thought out, and the mixing and production on them is some of the best I’ve heard.

Finally got the chance to see Stone Sour this year and I can say it definitely lived up to the hype. I was impressed by the amount of energy that Corey has and had throughout the night. He has such of good singing voice and an equally powerful scream that I can only describe as just Corey. He has one of the most unique voices in metal and hard rock. “Do Me A Favor,” “Knieval Has Landed,” “Whiplash Pants,” and “Tired” were personal favorites of mine played through the night.

Lots of confetti was shot, lot of water bottles were thrown by Corey, but my absolute favorite of the night and what made the night all worthwhile was seeing Corey at the end with wacky waving inflatable tube men popped up, try to dance and move with them, and when one wouldn’t and just stayed still, he flipped them off. That kind of fun will keep me going back each time they’re in town.

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