Photos + Review: Adam Ant at Humphreys (San Diego, CA)

Adam Ant (London) and Glam Skanks (Los Angeles)
July 29th, 2018
Humphreys Concerts by the Bay in San Diego, CA

Adam Ant proves once again he is an unstoppable force of nature with an uncanny capacity to win over an entire audience from the very first beat.

His performance is effortlessly charismatic and his stage presence is simply mesmerizing.  He holds you under his spell with every movement, every grunt, and every yell.  He charms you beyond resistance with every smile and conquers you with every note he sings.

It was made clear from the very opening beat that Adam Ant came to rock and he took over Humphreys like a storm.  I have seen plenty of shows at this venue and NEVER have I seen security having to hold fans back.  The venue was set up for a seated event but like I have said before it is just not possible to stay seated during his shows.

He came out in full rock-and-roll-majesty with, “Beat My Guest” an anthem of its own magnitude that set sleepy San Diego straight right from the start.  The energy continued to rise with, “Vive Le Rock” and reached culminating highs with the timeless, “Dog Eat Dog.”  Ant strutted perfect vocals and quite an oversized stage presence that seemed capable of stealing the air out of my lungs to leave me frozen, lost in the moment.

“Apollo 9” always seems to put a smile on all the faces in the audience.  It is one of those songs that just catches you right away and clings onto you for days after you hear it.  Nonsensical lyrics are a tough sale but he pulled it off and it was pretty to hear those around me singing along.  By “Friend Or Foe” the audience grew more and more confident with the  singalong making their admiration for Adam Ant loud and clear.

I truly believe -as I noticed the very first time I saw him live, that a big part of the success of his live show is his audience.  He seems to have a very personal and almost intimate relationship with his fans.  His glares and storytelling never seem forced or scripted allowing each fan to savor the night and create everlasting memories.

I am generally an introvert.  I love writing, taking photos, painting and despite this I couldn’t help myself from screaming along -singing is really pushing it in my case, to “Prince Charming.”  Luckily for me everyone else joined in as well.  “Can’t Set Rules Above Love” is another favorite of mine and tonight was the first time I ever heard it performed live and it was perfect beyond what I could have imagined.  The setlist just kept getting better and better as the evening progressed.  “Christian D’or,” “Greta X,” “Kings Of The Wild Frontier,” “B-Side Baby” and so on, there just wasn’t a cool down moment so to speak, he just kept you going through every song performed.  The entire night was perfect, 25 songs and no one was ready to leave at the end of the set.  That says it all.

Tonight was the perfect way to spend my birthday, it certainly made it memorable and unforgettable, I am hoping he will come back soon.  I am still waiting to hear “Wonderful” (**wink, wink**).

The only other thing I can add is if he’s coming near you, go see his show.  If he’s not, hop on a plane and catch one of his  shows anyhow.  You will love very minute of it.

*Glam Skanks get their own review because they are that cool.


Beat My Guest
Vive Le Rock
Dog Eat Dog
Apollo 9
Friend Or Foe
Room At The Top
Desperate But Not Serious
Car Trouble
Young Parisians
Prince Charming
Gotta Be A Sin
Puss N Boots
Can’t Set Rules Above Love
Christian D’Or
Kings Of The Wild Frontier
Greta X
B-Side Baby
Stand And Deliver
Goody Two Shoes
Lady/ Fall In
Red Scab
Physical (You’re So)

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  • Another Great performance by Adam Ant and his band! Amazing energy and he always satisfies the urge to dance and sing! Doesn’t matter the gender male or female are always having a good time!!!! Amazing!!!

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