Photos + Review: Warped Tour at Canterbury Park (Shakopee, MN)

Too Many Bands To List
July 22nd, 2018
Canterbury Park in Shakopee, Minnesota

So this is what Warped Tour is like.

I am willing to admit that I was wrong about this tour, and probably every other music festival along with it. I used to be adamantly against going to festivals or anything outdoors concertwise, that’s why I’ve never posted any shows from them in the time I’ve been photographing shows. I love all the colors, all the lighting and theatrics that go on during in house shows. Because you don’t have any of that in outdoor festivals, or Warped Tour to be specific, I never had any urge to cover any. But since this is supposedly the last year of Warped tour, and there were a ton of good bands on the lineup, I figured I would toss any preconceived notions had against festivals and just treat it as a day in celebration of awesome music that I just so happen to be able to take photos of.

9 hours straight of music, the official end count of bands seen ended at 18. It was really freakin hot out (at least in the sun) and I ended up with the worst sunburn I’ve gotten in many years, but I get it now. It felt so good to be in a place surrounded by great bands and great music. As well as all the other people that are there for the exact same stuff, and there were sooooo many other people. As exhausting as being outside in the hot sun for 10 hours straight, it truly felt like I was in a place I belonged and didn’t have to worry about anything else.

As far as the bands I saw, I started the day off with Movements, then moved a stage over to The Maine. Walked over just in time to then see Crown the Empire then stuck around for Ice Nine Kills and Senses Fail. Hurried to see As It Is then back over for Dayseeker and Motionless in White. Went over to another stage and saw Dose while waiting for Assuming We Survive. Went back to a main stage for Simple Plan, and then State Champs, then it was just waiting for Every Time I Die. That was when the day turned into a slog and to pass the time I checked out Less Than Jake, Wage War, and Harms Way.

As It Is, Assuming We Survive, State Champs and Every Time I Die were all must see’s for me and I was so glad that they all delivered and were clear highlights of the day. Assuming We Survive deserved a bigger stage, but it was very fun seeing them rock their area. As It Is were a band I really wanted to see ever since their two newest songs were released. There’s a clear improvement in those two songs compared to their older stuff and has me super excited for their future and looking forward to their new album release.

I’m bummed that this is apparently the last year of this tour (though I bet it’ll get resurrected in some way relatively soon) because I would be so down for going to it again next year, something i didn’t think I’d say like six months ago.

Long live Warped Tour. Thank you for everything!


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