Photos + Review: The Black Dahlia Murder at The Cabooze (Minneapolis, MN)

Fleshgod Apocolypse (Perugia, Italy), Whitechapel (Knoxville, TN), and The Black Dahlia Murder (Waterford, MI)
July 13th, 2018
The Cabooze in Minneapolis, MN

It took me a year and a couple months to make it back to the Cabooze since the last time I was there, but even that was too soon.  It only took me a few moments to remember exactly what I loathe about going into that venue.

Right away you were hit with a brick wall of heat. It’s a death metal show, with a full room of people, so mix that together with them either not having AC or it not working, makes me wonder how many people passed out from heat exhaustion.  After my three songs of shooting in the pit, I tried to go up to the balcony to chill and maybe take a few pictures but the heat was even worse up there.

A band like Black Dahlia Murder that’s super heavy, singing about hell and death and other fun things, I guess is fitting for this type and setting of show.  I am glad that I’ve gotten to check these guys off my want-to-see list. I remember way back in the day when I was still discovering my music taste and would delve into the way heavier things, Black Dahlia Murder was one of the bands that always stuck with me. The heaviness and technicality of other death metal bands were there, but there’s a melodic-ness to their songs that kept me drawn in and put them a tier above other similar bands. The corollary of the type of music Black Dahlia plays is that given a long enough amount of time listening, the songs start to blend into one another for me.  That’s literally the only complaint I have for these guys.  Everything they play is incredibly well done and translates over live perfectly.

This Minneapolis date did end up being the last date of their tour with Whitechapel, who I saw last almost ten years ago at the same venue. This show served as a great reintroduction to the bands, and I’m hoping that the next time they come into the area they’ll play in a more appropriate venue. Or that it’s winter. I’ll take that as well.


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