Photos + Review: Throw the Fight & Bad Wolves at Varsity Theater (Minneapolis, MN)

Throw the Fight (Minneapolis, MN), Diamante (Boston, MA) , From Ashes to New (Lancaster, PA), Bad Wolves (Los Angeles, CA)
June 6th, 2018
Varsity Theater in Minneapolis, MN

Birthday shenanigans were had by me with this show. New band Bad Wolves on their current tour have been holding contests for each city’s date for what local band to open their shows. Sometimes it’s four or five bands fans can vote for, but in the case of here in Minneapolis, it was between just Throw the Fight and Eaon. Eaon is another great local band just starting out, but Throw the Fight has been my favorite (Cold Kingdom is pretty close, to be fair) so the chance of being able to see them play on my birthday is something I didn’t want to miss out on.

The amount of coverage and how big Bad Wolves has gotten in such a short amount of time is pretty amazing. If you don’t know them by name and if you listen to the radio often, you’ve probably heard a cover of The Cranberries “Zombie.” That is where they’ve gotten a lot of their following I would guess, but the other songs played make me very excited to see where they go in the future.  They make me think of if Sevendust had a little brother that can be just as melodic with songs like “Remember When” and “Hear Me Now,” but isn’t afraid of going way heavier with songs like “Officer Down,” and “Learn to Live.” I admittedly knew very little of this band’s material outside of “Zombie” before seeing them live, and honestly still that Miser’s cover of “Zombie” is king, but if you’re like me and on the fence of Bad Wolves’, please go see it live. There’s an amount of power and energy behind them playing it that the studio version just doesn’t convey properly.

Throw the Fight opened up the night perfectly. I’m on my fourth or fifth time seeing them play now (I’ve honestly lost count now), this being the first time seeing them play an opening set of only 20-30 minutes. Seeing them go up and play then get off the stage quickly felt a bit weird for me, but I’m sure the people in the audience that haven’t heard them before were left energized and wanting more. I mean hell, I’ve heard them many times and I was amped. “Bury Me Alive” and “The Broken Youth” will do that to ya.

Diamante was the sleeper hit of the night for me. The way I’ve been describing her and her band is as if Ash Costello from New Years Day would front Halestorm. “War Cry” and “Haunted” are songs I could totally hear Costello singing and not sound out of place. As I’ve said before, I’m always in favor of more and more rock bands and Diamante’s music is something I think the world always needs more of -just no frills, high energy hard rock tunes. All of the songs played live translated over incredibly well, and me being partial to big bass lines made me super happy that “War Cry” was played. I’m really excited to see what she and her band do next, and really excited to see them play again. Diamante has her first full length album coming out on the 15th and it’s a banger, so make sure to check it out!

Doing what I love, being around live music, especially live music I love made the night a perfect birthday night. So huge thanks to all the bands and all the people that were a part of it and helped make it as memorable of one as it was!

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