Photos + Review: Smallpools at the House of Blues (San Diego, CA)

Great Good Fine Ok (Brooklyn, NY) and Smallpools (Los Angeles, CA)
May 23rd, 2018
House of Blues (Voodoo Room) in San Diego, CA

The Spring is Sprung Tour hit the House of Blues for a very intimate and sold out performance in the Voodoo Room. I missed the opening band while attempting to navigate through the sea of people, sneaking into the barricade on the right of the stage littered with band equipment and finally getting to the front to the photo pit after squeezing my way up. It wasn’t until the band was done playing that I realized I could have gone around through the venue’s kitchen. Major facepalm moment.

Next to play was Great Good Fine Ok, a fun synthpop duo that brought major 80s vibes to the stage, both visually and audibly. Having grown up on my parents’ new wave tunes, I loved this take on modern electronic dance music. I would have liked to see them on a bigger stage, because singer Jon Sandler clearly needed more room to dance. He told the crowd that he was trying to come up with moves to fit the small space he had and asked them to cheer on the good ones and to ignore the awkward ones. Overall a high energy set that left me itching for more.

Smallpools took the stage and kept the energy of the night while opting for some less eccentric attire. I almost wish I was there as a spectator so I could just jam out to the music along with the crowd who looked like they were having the best time. I legitimately enjoyed every song and that’s not something I can say for many shows. There’s something unique about them that I can’t quite put my finger on, but they really captured my interest. It’s the type of optimistic music that makes me want to take a drive along the beach or up the coast, with no real destination in mind, which is very telling of their Californian roots. They played radio veterans “Dreaming” and “Killer Whales,” the name of which they informed us came from a google search of their own name early in their career, which brought up results of killer whales being kept in small pools. They also played my newest summer anthem “Passenger Side,” which I have been playing nonstop for weeks, and a new single called “Stumblin’ Home.” I can see these guys making waves and anticipate great things from them in the future.

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