Photos + Review: Ghost at Palace Theatre (St. Paul, MN)

Ghost (Linköping, Sweden)
Friday June 1st, 2018
Palace Theatre in St. Paul, MN

Friday night was my first ritual and I feel simultaneously amazed and incredibly disappointed. Its It’s a weird feeling to have, but it’s something I can’t shake.

From a photographer’s perspective, the night was both wonderful and disappointing because we were given the first three songs to shoot, like usual, but had to check in our gear if we wanted to stay for the rest of the show. Disappointing for me personally as I love getting full venue wide shots, but made even more disappointing was the fact that Palace Theatre was clearly oversold by a ton. There was literally no room to walk anywhere but the very back in the venue. I did not want to have to fight through a crowd to get a good spot that I probably wouldn’t get because of how short I am. The balcony was completely full looking too, the most people up there I’ve seen by far in the times I’ve been to this venue. I ended up sitting on the far end steps in the back of the venue leading up to the balcony and only had a small slit to be able to see the stage. The sound back there was not the greatest either. I could barely make out what Cardinal Copia was saying between songs.

It’s just a complete shame that my first live Ghost experience wasn’t fully enjoyable, but I feel even worse for the people that paid to get in only to get stuck in the back with a crappy view.

I am still very glad I went. Ghost was amazing musically. If nothing else, this experience had turned me way on to Ghost, where I’d say they might be a favorite band of mine now, when before I could only say I was a casual fan. I love the aesthetics of the band, I love the occult-ness, and all the theatrics Ghost has. No other band is really doing similar so it’s an incredible breath of fresh air to see. Ghost also just released their newest album Prequelle which I’ve been listening to near constantly since Friday’s show and I would put as my favorite of this year. The fact that the band played almost 25 of their songs in one set is something I find amazing as well.

This show should have been at a different venue. From reading around it seems like other fans in different cities of the tour have had problems with overselling. My one wish now is for the band to come back and play at The Armory.

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