Photos + Review: Sugarland at Honda Center (Anaheim, CA)

Sugarland (Atlanta, Georgia)
June 1st, 2018
Honda Center in Anaheim, CA

Sugarland delivers a bigger-than-life show that stands as a testament to music’s true universality.

I arrived at the Honda Center not quite sure what to expect and to be honest feeling a bit out of place.  I found the cowboy boots and hats a bit intimidating, as if they somehow singled me out in the crowd, until the lights dimmed and the music started playing.

Much to my surprise, from the moment the screens lit up and the duo took the stage I felt at ease.  The chemistry between them completely changed the evening from a simple concert to a complete experience capable of taking over everyone’s feet.  I can’t remember the last time I saw two musicians smile more, they seemed as lost in the moment as their audience who did not sit for a single second!

The show opened in full force with “Bigger,” the title track from their upcoming release.  By the time the band played, “Stuck like glue” the entire audience was caught in an instant singalong that made the Honda Center roar.

Their performance of “Still The Same” proved indeed that lightening can strike twice for Sugarland at least.  This night made it clear that while their fans are indeed attached to their hits they are even more interested in what they have to offer now, proving tonight’s setlist a complete success.

Bush and Nettles put Sugarland on a hiatus back in 2012 and are now touring in support of their latest album Bigger.  They chose wisely in not sweeping the so called break up years under the rug but rather incorporating them into the show with their solo performances -which added an extra layer of livelihood and really showed off their growth as a band.

Another highlight of the evening for me was, “On A Roll.” It brought a smile to the faces of the entire audience as well as their performance of their latest single, “Babe” which seemed to became in instant crowd pleaser.

They ended the night with an amazing and in my case unexpected cover of Labelle’s “Lady Marmalade,” which showed off not only the full strength of Nettles vocals, but also their genuine playfulness toward each other and their seemingly effortless ability to involve the crowd with every movement and every note.

Call it country music, call it folk, all I can say is that much to my surprise they sold me, and I can’t wait to catch them again.



2-“All I Want to Do”

3-“Stuck Like Glue”

4-“Want To”

5-“Already Gone”

6-“Lean It On Back”

7-“Still the Same”

8-“Little Miss”

Hiatus Era:

9-“Trailer Hitch” (Kristian Bush Solo)

10-“Unlove You” (Jennifer Nettles Solo)

11-“Incredible Machine”

12-“Let Me Remind You”


14-“On a Roll” (with snippets of “We Want the Funk” by Parliament, “Billie Jean” by Michael Jackson and “Express Yourself” by Madonna)

15- “Bird in a Cage”

16-“Babe” (Written by Taylor Swift and Pat Monahan)

17-“It Happens”


19-“Baby Girl”

20-“Something More.”


1-“Not the Only”

2-  “Lady Marmalade” (Patty Labelle)

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