Photos + Review: The Glorious Sons at First Avenue (Minneapolis, MN)

The Glorious Sons (Kingston, ON), The Struts (Derby, EN)
May 15th, 2018
First Avenue in Minneapolis, MN

I don’t think I’m ever going to get over how weird time feels. I was taught to prepare for it over and over again growing up, that time flies. But when The Glorious Sons are brought up, my first instinct is to think about how it’s been so long since I’ve seen them last.

But then wait, what? It’s only been two months?! It’s crazy how things can feel so far away and yet so close.

Minneapolis and First Avenue had a good night of rock music, with the combination of The Glorious Sons and the Struts after them. I first saw in the middle of March when they headlined the sister venue to First Ave, 7th Street Entry, and have been a fan ever since. “Everything is Alright,” came into my life at a really good point and was excited to see it played live then -which exceeded my expectations. After seeing them pack 7th Street Entry, the question was then how would they do in a bigger venue?  And what perfect way to test that than First Avenue itself.

Their set unfortunately got off to a rocky start with singer Brett Emmons’ mic not working (actually none of the mics worked at first) for a majority of their song “White Noise.”  I could sense his frustration as he looked super pissed up on stage, but to his and the entire band’s immense credit, Emmons got the crowd worked up and chanting “white noise!” with the chorus. When the mics finally started working the audience gave out a booming cheer, and I was in goosebump city. The band rocked the crowd with yet another cover of “Gimme Shelter” by the Rolling Stones. Them playing that has by far been my favorite part of their sets. Guitarist Chris Koster kills it with the part he sings.

The big question I have now is just how big this band will get from this point. Next month they open for The Rolling Stones themselves, and I can only imagine great things coming after. They deserve it.

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