Photos + Review: Carnifex at The Regent Theater (Los Angeles, CA)

Carnifex (San Diego, CA)
May 5th, 2018
The Regent Theater in Los Angeles, CA

The final date of the Carnifex’s headlining Chaos & Carnage tour landed in Los Angeles at The Regent Theater.  This show marked the end of a 21 date stint featuring support from bands such as: Oceano, Winds of Plague, Archspire, Spite, Buried Above Ground and Widowmaker— yeah, this was a huge lineup.  Lead singer, Scott Lewis mentioned how pumped the band was to be ending the tour on their home turf of Southern California.

These dudes kept up their stage presence just like the youngsters.  Even after releasing six full-length albums and touring for over a decade, the band continues to please their fans by performing not only the new tracks, but the old favorites as well.  Honestly, it was really great to see them staying true.  The band’s high energy, evil theatrics, and stage presence does a number on the crowd— needless to say, everyone was amped!  It’s sometimes hard to put this feeling into words, I hope you can relate.

Sure, metal bands can be demanding of circle pits or the occasional “Wall of Death.” Carnifex included.  Who doesn’t expect that?  Even so, that doesn’t hide how humble and welcoming they are.  Carnifex makes you feel like you belong at their shows.  Their attitude is as brutal as it is positive.  For me, it’s a breath of fresh air to attend these types of shows.  It fills my heart with childhood happiness and helps my soul regain conciseness after being pummeled by the mainstream pop tunes of present day.  Yes, I still dig on new up and coming artists.

If you missed Carnifex this time around, you’re out of luck.  The band is leaving on their Slow Death European tour at the end of July and rumor has it they will not be touring the states again until summer 2019.  Catch them if you can, they play a wonderfully brutal and tight set.

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