Photos + Review: 5 Seconds of Summer at Varsity Theater (Minneapolis, MN)

5 Seconds of Summer (Sydney, AU)
April 15, 2018
Varsity Theater in Minneapolis, MN

“5 Seconds of Summer is probably all were going to get.” Thanks random guy for the slight, somewhat unnecessary, reality check.

This last weekend brought a historic amount of snow, and as much as I wanted to plug my ears, close my eyes and yell “LA LA LA I CAN’T HEAR YOU THIS ISN’T HAPPENING,” ignoring 20 inches of snow being dumped on you isn’t really feasible. Que many anxious moments of me checking whether or not this 5 Seconds of Summer show was still going on as intended. I already had one show I wanted to go to to cover (Good Tiger) get canceled, I didn’t want a second.

Thankfully the show went off normally, if only a little bit later than intended, and I was welcomed almost immediately when I walked in with how I expected the night to go; getting my ears screamed off by a thousand teenage girls. I was also taken by surprise when the band came out, as I was expected there to be one opener. There wasn’t and that honestly made the night a little bit more special because it was all about 5 Seconds of Summer then. It’s nice seeing opening bands, but every once and awhile it’s just nice to see one singular band play, one you might have been waiting to see for a long time.

5 Seconds of Summer has been a slow burn type of band for me as far as liking them goes. It took awhile for me to shake the preconceived boy band assumptions I had for them and slowly over time that turned into me thinking “hey, these guy are actually not that bad. They’re just a pop punk band that rests way heavy on the pop side.” That eventually turned into me genuinely liking them and wanting to see them live (I am a sucker for pop punk after all), and I’m so glad I got the chance. Ever song the band played translated so well live. The problem I had at first getting into the band was a lot of their studio stuff could sound overproduced, but in a live setting (especially in such a small and intimate venue like Varsity Theater) they sounded just as good as anyone else amazing that I’ve seen live. “She Looks So Perfect” started the night off perfectly with a great amount of energy and continued right along to “Youngblood,” my personal favorite of the night.

It’s my understanding that this current tour is being treated as a warm up for the band, after it being a couple years from being away from being live. There was no rust that I could see, and now that I’ve seen them live I can officially call myself 100% a fan. 5 Seconds of Summer is returning to the Twin Cities once again, sooner rather than later, having just announced a bigger tour with bigger venues. This next show is at The Armory on September 9th and I’m already stoked for it. Good venue, good band, should make for a good time.

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