Photos + Review: Echosmith at First Avenue (Minneapolis, MN)

Echosmith (Los Angeles, CA), The Score (Los Angeles, CA), Jena Rose (Plano, TX)
April 13, 2018
First Avenue in Minneapolis, MN

It’s weird to say, but its it’s an odd feeling seeing a song played live after having listening to it many multiple times in a week. What I mean by that, is that over the past four years at where I’ve been working, I’ve heard “Bright” played at least a handful of times in a work week. By all means it’s not a bad song (it’s actually quite good), but you can only listen to a song so many times in a work setting before it starts to grate on you, and you start ironically singing the “make a girl go oooooo, la la la.” but then it turns into unironically singing it, all the while actually thinking it’s a Taylor Swift song. So, it’s just a weird feeling seeing the song played live after all this time.

I was actually really excited to see Echosmith about 6 months ago when I swear I saw a show announced that they were playing in November, but then it disappeared then appeared again for this April. Regardless of when I saw them, I’m very happy I got to period as they put on a killer show filled with energy, good vibes and just a general happiness. Maybe it was just the majority of people wanting to have as much fun as possible before everybody got snowed in this weekend.

I was a little thrown off right away by there not being a photo pit because of the barricade being right up against the stage, which has never happened for me before. I also was taken by surprise surprised at the confetti being shot off right at the beginning of the set, almost as I was asking some other fans if they knew when they’d go off.

“Over My Head,” “Future Me,” “Goodbye”…okay just about all the songs played off the band’s newest EP Inside a Dream were all highlights of the bands 17 song setlist. Highly impressive as that shows me the band is continually growing and improving. Add in the fact that all of the songs sounded way better in a live setting, it left me hungry to see and hear more of the bands stuff.

(Also, shout out to Kelsey Gonzalez again for her absolute stellar lighting work. Easily some of the best I’ve dealt with, as well as the prettiest.)

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