Photos: Demar at the River Room in Aster Cafe (Minneapolis, MN)

Demar (Miami, FL), Howie Day (Seattle, WA)
March 27th, 2018
River Room at Aster Cafe, in Minneapolis, MN

I’m not one who like to get complacent in life, so when I was given the opportunity to go out and shoot Demar, a pop singer, when pop music is usually way far of the norm of what I shoot, I was totally down for checking it out. It helped immensely that I liked what music I had heard of Demar’s beforehand, and that the show was placed at this cafe’s adjacent room that I’ve walked past at least a hundred times on the way to the near by theater down the road. This was in Northeast Minneapolis, a part of town I’ve been to many times over the years and it’s always been one of my favorites. There’s a ton of parks around, a lot of coffee shops, cafes, and restaurants in walking distance, and you can scope yourself out some incredibly pretty views of downtown and the skyline by the river.

So initially I thought this show was taking place in the actual Aster Cafe part, I didn’t realize that they had a separate room, but this separate room that it did end up being in was one of the fanciest places I’ve been in a long time. I loved the layout, I loved the lighting, and I loved how just warm and cozy the place had a feeling of. It was hard to not feel really relaxed. All that was missing was a fireplace in a corner. Have that going and I would never have wanted to leave.

Musically, this night was fantastic. It was an acoustic show which fit the kind of room it was in well, and also made me feel a little out of place sinceI didn’t need my earplugs at all. Demar’s music lent itself well acoustically, in fact I may have actually enjoyed them more. There’s just something special about seeing a stripped down authentic version of songs. An as-of-right-now unreleased song was played and I would place my vote on that being the higlight of the night. For someone like me who’s been struggling lately, a song with a message of hope hits home. I, and the world, can always use more hope.

Please come back soon! You left me wanting more!

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