Photos + Review: Lights at Music Hall Minneapolis (Minneapolis, MN)

Lights (Toronto, ON)
March 17th, 2018
Music Hall Minneapolis in Minneapolis, MN

It’s easy to get complacent in life, and even though I’m a metalhead at heart, I do like to venture out into other genres. It’s not often I go that far off from my metal roots, switching often to pop punk or just plain rock, but there are those few artists who transcend genre where the focus is just on how good the music is and it doesn’t matter what kind it is. Lady Gaga was the first artist to give me that feeling many year ago, and over the last year or so Lights has given me similar feelings with her pop, rockish music.

Lights is hits a lot of nostalgia notes for me, having grown up in the age of Myspace where she first started getting big. I vividly remember the scene hairstyles that seemed to be all the rage then, and Lights for whatever reason seemed to be the oh-it’s-that-scene-girl-singer to me, even though she wasn’t ever that extremely scene. Anyway, I digress. It took me until last fall when opening for Pvris, to really dive into her music and I’m so glad I did. I’m so glad to see her still going strong and better than ever. It makes me happy when I find out someone I’ve known of for a better part of a decade has found a good amount of success.

Last fall I got treated to an impromptu acoustic set from Lights, which was amazing. This time I got treated to her full band set which was every bit as amazing as well. Her 18 song setlist with favorite like “Savage,” “Skydiving,” “Fight Club,” and “Giants” felt like it went by way too fast. I could have easily stayed another hour. There was a bit of a shock factor for me at this show though. The shows at this venue I saw before where of Of Mice and Men and Nothing More, both super high energy where I had to actively worry about moshing and watching where I was going. Not having to worry about that was something I had to get used to, but the audience was all really into the songs, jumping and singing a long.

The genuine appreciation that Lights very clearly showed through her last fall show, and equally so on this last one is one of the many reasons I’ve fallen into loving her and what she does. The music is really good, but when all you here is how much she enjoys played for her fans, remembers them by name years after she meets them, it makes concerts like these feel more like family gatherings than just shows.


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