Photos: The Glorious Sons at 7th Street Entry (Minneapolis, MN)

The Glorious Sons (Kingston, ON)
March 13th, 2018
7th Street Entry in Minneapolis, MN

Good ol rock and roll serve the soul well and The Glorious Sons served up a heaping bunch of it on a Tuesday night. At this point in my concert going life, I rank shows by how long the headliner is able to keep me around for. I look for good lighting, good sound and if there’s a possibility of something real exciting happening later on if I were to leave. One of the earliest tests of this for me was Billy Talent a couple years ago now where I hadn’t planned on staying for the whole thing, but because their set was so good with no frills punk rock through the fifteen or so songs played, I just didn’t want to leave. The energy given off by Billy Talent wasn’t something I wanted to walk away from. And similar to Billy Talent, The Glorious Sons exceeded all my hopes and expectations.

Admittedly I wasn’t too familiar with the band going in, although I did fall in love with Everything is Alright a few days prior. That song really struck a chord with me and I feel like it’s going to be a song I keep going to when my mood tanks. Really glad I got to see it played live where it was just an powerful as I had thought it was going to be. The other highlight of the show was the band’s cover of “Gimme Shelter.” That’s always been a favorite Rolling Stones song of mine and The Glorious Sons pulled it off incredibly well.

I’ve been to a handful of shows at 7th Street Entry, some with smaller crowds, some where us audience were packed in like sardines. This show wasn’t quite as sardine packed as I’ve seen it before, but the feel of it with the audience feeling so connected and one with each other is a feeling I’d take over some hugely packed shows I’ve been to, like at Myth Nightclub.

These guys are good. Go check them out if they come to your city. They deserve to be bigger, and if they don’t ever, then that’ll be a damn shame.

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