Photos + Review: Lacey Sturm at Varsity Theatre (Minneapolis, MN)

Lacey Sturm (Homestead, FL), Red (Nashville, TN)
March 6th, 2018
Varsity Theatre in Minneapolis, MN

I’ve mentioned it before, but the way I see time isn’t that it’s a big circle, but at least in the time of ones life, it’s made up of many different circles, some bigger and some smaller. This Tuesday night concert was one happening where one circle seemed to come all the way around for me. When I started photographing concerts Varsity Theatre was a venue I had frequented often, with Motion City Soundtrack and Haley Reinhart being some of my first shows ever, and certainly some of my first big shows I had shot at the time.

It’s been about a year and a half to two years since I’ve been in Varsity since it closed down during that time period, so it’s super interesting to me to go from my very beginnings at one venue, to improving drastically at photographing concerts, to now shooting this venue after all that in between stuff. A lot can happen in two years time.

Lacey Sturm I got to cover last year at about the same exact time at the Cabooze (which is where I got exposed to Stitched Up Heart, so thank you for that), so right of the bat covering her at a different venue was a plus. It ended up being a very big plus as the sound, well sounded incredible. Lacey’s vocals were maybe a little to quite, but the guitars were thick and that bass tone though. Benjamin Hull killed it on bass and his tone was to die for. I loved listening to him all night.

As good as Lacey’s set was, as energetic and lively as it was, there’s one aspect that brought me down, and by that I mean me myself. If you’re into it then great, you do you and you probably enjoyed it, but about halfway through their set Lacey starts talking about the song she did for Underworld and how she could write a song for something she hadn’t seen, which turned into her talking about how it reminded her about Jesus. I’m not religious at all so I freely admit that I probably wasn’t the complete target audience for this kind of show, but it did come off a tiny bit overbearing, though she did play it off well at the end of her speech by saying “Aaand that’s how I wrote a song about a vampire.”

All in all a good night, it’s always fun to see Lacey Sturm. I was not expecting to see her pregnant also, which was a bit of a shock, but in a good way. It was also endearing to get a small look at family tour life as her other two kids were with, off to the side of the stage.

I’m most glad that the Varsity is back up and running. Music venues in cities are important to me, they provide an artistic and creative outlet for hundreds and thousands of people, so it’s a shame when one doesn’t run or closes down. If this Lacey Sturm show is anything to go by, Varsity Theatre is going to be a mainstay venue for awhile again.

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