Photos + Review: Architects at First Avenue (Minneapolis, MN)

Architects (Brighton, ENG), Stick to your Guns (Orange County, CA), Counterparts (Hamilton, ON)
February 24th, 2018
First Avenue in Minneapolis, MN

This was the show that almost wasn’t for me. I had a perfect storm of well, a perfect snow storm happening to almost keep me away, and then a few hours beforehand coming down with something that made me feel incredibly nauseous. In this instance I was especially glad I live about a 10 minute drive away from First Avenue, so as bad as the snowstorm was that we had that night, I didn’t have to drive all that much in it. Decided to take an hour nap or so before the show as well and along with that and eating a small dinner, all was well and I’m thankful I got to catch Architects again, almost a year exactly after I saw them for the first time.

Equal parts incredibly heavy and incredibly inspiring, Architects put on as show that put last years display at the Cabooze to shame. Even back last year I thought the cramped, small venue (at least in comparison) wasn’t fit for a band that’s as big as Architects. I was elated when I learned of this tour announcement and that it was booked at First Ave. First Avenue is the cities’ best venue for good reason. Everything from the sound, lighting, and performances were top notch and left me with goosebumps multiple times over. Both Nihilist and Naysayer (my favorite song of Architects, probably a top ten song of mine period)

Those goosebumps turned into goosemountains along with making me a little teary about halfway through the set when vocalist Sam Carter gave a lengthy monologue about complacency in the world and making a difference. Summed up, the most important piece he said, which really struck a chord with me was when he mentioned “Don’t get in the way of people that want to make a difference in the world, and then treat them like shit.” For someone like myself who’s been trying to improve and become a better person lately, that really rung true. Whether what he says is interpreted on a global level or on a personal level, if someone is trying make a difference and that difference happens to be to better themselves, don’t push them away. Embrace them, value them, appreciate them.

Everybody in the world as a whole could benefit from being shown way more appreciation for one another.


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