Photos + Review: Enter Shikari at Amsterdam Bar and Hall (St. Paul, MN)

Enter Shikari (St Albans, Hertfordshire, EN), Single Mothers (London, ON), Milk Teeth (Stroud, Gloucestershire)
February 10th, 2018
Amsterdam Bar and Hall in St. Paul, MN

Good news, bad news: which one would you rather hear first? Sometimes a hard question for people to answer, but asked of myself, I think I’d rather hear the bad news first. So I’m going to talk about the bad with this show, the talk about the overwhelming good that came too.

There was just so many opportunities my night almost went wrong that I was almost overwhelmed. First almost locked myself out of my car. Then forgot my phone, then thought I was locked out of the venue because the main doors were apparently locked a couple hours earlier in the night. Then I thought I lost my ID. Cue having a good night the rest of the night up until like the last three or four songs of Enter Shikari’s set where my camera fell to the floor and my lens broke slightly. Heart, enter throat.

As far as the good, I gotta admit, I can’t say I was the biggest fan of Enter Shikari’s before their show here. Sorry You’re Not A Winner and Anesthetist I’ve both really liked for a long time but not much else besides those had stuck with me. I am a changed person now after seeing the band live. Their energy was entirely contagious and it was worth it being mushed up close to the stage and getting kicked in the head at least a few times from crowdsurfers (shout out to the guy that had me back, literally, trying to help me not get hurt). “The Sights” is and was a perfect song to open to. It’s such an upbeat catchy song, and with everybody around me singing along it was hard for my anxiety from earlier in the day and night to not go away.

The turning point of the night was when Enter Shikari started playing “Airfield.” Rou Reynolds started it off by saying it was “for anybody who’s had a shitty last year.” The feels I felt through that song played hit so hard. It’s something that hits close to home as someone who’s been struggling to be and stay happy recently. I’ve been listening to that song quite often since. I can say the same for the rest of the bands newest album though, The Spark, which was released last year.

Overall the music was a perfect combination of old and new, heavy and poppy, and this show was something I didn’t know I needed, but am super appreciative I got to take part.

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