Photos + Review: Lights & Pvris at Skyway Theatre (Minneapolis, MN)

Pvris (Lowell, MA), Lights (Toronto, ON), Flint Eastwood (Detroit, MI)
October 21, 2017
Skyway Theatre in Minneapolis, MN

A amazing moment and memories were made in the wake of unfortunate circumstances with Lights’ bus breaking down 10 hours away from Minneapolis, resulting in her and her guitarist taking a flight the rest of the way up here and playing an incredible impromptu acoustic set. I’m a sucker for acoustic sets. Get me in a room where someone is performing on stage with just a guitar and their voice (or in this night’s case, a couple guitars and voices) and I’ll be glued to watching the stage. Lights does benefit from having songs that are easily translated to acoustics (especially her voice, my god), but that doesn’t detract from the power that they have, especially in favorites like “Skydiving”, “Savage” and “Giants.” I remember learning of and following her way back in the days of when Myspace was a thing. She’s certainly come a long way since then and I’m so happy to have finally been able to see her perform live.

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