Photos + Review: Toadies at First Avenue (Minneapolis, MN)

Toadies (Fort Worth, TX), Local H (Chicago, Il)
October 10th, 2017
First Avenue in Minneapolis, MN

93X here in Minneapolis is the radio station I feel I’ve grown up listening to. As much as I complain about them overplaying Alice in Chains, Tool, and Guns N Roses, I can’t lie about the fact that that radio station has shaped my musical tastes. There’s been a few happenings over the past couple years since starting concert photography where I’m able to put a band and faces to certain songs that I feel I’ve knows my whole live through listening to 93X. The first song I had this feeling was Enemy by Sevendust (and a couple others actually) and most recently I got the same feeling with Toadies and their Possum Kingdom song. That’s been one of the songs I’ve heard so many times over so many years that it’s pretty much it’s own entity.  I was hit with some bonus similar feeling with opener Local H and their Bound for the Floor song.

Local H I left incredibly impressed by. For a band that’s been around for 30 years, they still know how to rock and put on an intense set. When I saw that it was only Local H and Toadies playing that night I looked at their setlist online for how many songs they were about to play, which was 13, and they kept me captivated through the whole thing.  Mostly captivated by drummer Ryan Harding; that dude is a beast on the drums. I wonder how tired playing that intense for so long make him.

Toadies were Toadies. For how ingrained Possum Kingdom has been in my head over the decades, I expected nothing but a great performance and they deliver. It took me by surprise how much older the crowd tended to lean towards. It makes sense in hindsight, but still ended up being something I was expecting. It always makes me happy to see a straight up rock band doing their thing, and with the Toadies and Local H, I’m glad I was able to relive some nostalgic memories and see at least a couple songs I’ve heard many times in a live setting.

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