Photos + Review: Pierce the Veil + Rise Against at Skyway Theatre (Minneapolis, MN)

Rise Against (Chicago, IL), Pierce the Veil (San Diego, CA), White Lung (Vancouver, BC)
September 23, 2017
Skyway Theatre in Minneapolis, MN

Hot, sweaty, and packed like sardines is how I was expecting this sold out night to go, but still was taken aback at how many people that actually was when experiencing it in person.

There’s always a handful of concerts that I get incredibly excited for each year, and along with All Time Low, seeing Pierce the Veil and Rise Against was a top show. It was announced like three or four months ago and I’d been counting the days for it since. Also along with the All Time Low show I attended back in July, it also live up to the hype. I was quite bummed that Pierce the Veil only played 8 songs in there set, but it was as close to a perfect set as you’ll ever get, with opening with Bulls in the Bronx and closing with a trio of “Caraphernelia”, “Circles”, and “King for a Day”. I’ve never had a stronger urge to see a band play more than when Pierce the Veil ended their set. The amount of energy and fun the band have while playing on stage was clearly evident from just the first song, and it was extremely contagious.

Along with bands like System of a Down, Offspring, and Metallica, Rise Against has been one of those bands that have been a part of my listening rotation for ages, and have shaped my music tastes as well. Their The Sufferer and the Witness album was, and still is, a classic punk record. Rise Against’s 19 song setlist only had five songs from that album, so unfortunately for me the setlist wasn’t ideal, but for everybody else it was a great mixture of all of the bands tunes. I got to here “Prayer of the Refugee”, and “The Good Left Undone”, both favorites of mine, so I can’t complain. “Injection” is the only song I really wish was included.

My only hope now is for Pierce the Veil to come back here soon. I need their kind of energy in my life more.

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