Photos + Review: Steel Panther at The House Of Blues (San Diego, CA)

Steel Panther (Los Angeles, CA)
August 10th 2017
House Of Blues in San Diego, CA

On August 10th Steel Panther blazed through San Diego -hairspray, neon tights, makeup and all, reminding us that we can’t always take life too seriously.  Unapologetically crude, in-your-face sexual crescendos (innuendoes just won’t do here), oversized personalities that sweep you off your feet, and over-the-top fun that’s not for the weak hearted. Think Spinal Tap meets Ron Jeremy.  Yes, maybe this comparison is a little out there but so is this band.

You might say they play comedy glam-rock but their talent is no joke. Singer, Michael Star’s character so to speak might resemble or be inspired by the great David Lee Roth but his vocal talent is certainly his own and can make you weak in the knees.

Russell Parrish’s guitar grabs a hold of you that just won’t let go for the entire night and Lexxi Foxxx’s bass is just plain over the top sexy, while Stix’s beats keep your ass shaking.

I am not sure I can pinpoint a highlight of the night per se, just because the entire show I think needs to be lived all the way through -almost like a movie.  Each song’s progressions and each impromptu comedy moment in between songs are all parts of this well scripted parody that instantaneously puts you in a great mood.  I can however say “Eyes Of A Panther,” “Death to All But Metal,” and “Anything Goes,” are a few of my favorite songs of theirs.

Make sure you catch them when they swing by your town!  You are in for a glam sized neon party.


Eyes Of A Panther
Goin’ In The Backdoor
Fat Girl (That She Blows)
Asian Hooker
That’s When You Came In
Poontang Boomerang
Guitar Solo
Anything Goes
17 Girls In A Row
Death To All But Metal
Community Property
Party All Day (Fuck All Night)

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